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DISCLOSURE according to law Decree 196/2003, Art.13 ref. “Protection of personal data” (Privacy)

  • We wish to inform you that according to fore mentioned law, present and future personal data in our possession are and will be treated with utmost principles of correctness, legality, and transparency. Your rights are fully protected by virtue of Art.13 of the law. Which entitles;
  • Knowledge of the data recorded, source and purpose;
  • Void information violating legal rules, as well as updating, rectifying and integrating new data;
  • Oppose, all or in part, illegal use of supplied data;
  • Oppose data use for commercial purposes, advertising, direct sales and interactive marketing;

Security and confidentiality of data will be insured by means of automated equipment processing which store, transmit and manage them. Ultimate objective of such processing is to allow the company to take the necessary actions required for conducting business, such as:

  • Legal requirements compliance;
  • Internet access management according to contract type;
  • Mailbox access (sending and receiving mail);
  • Use of software necessary for content and internet performance.

Data security is further protected with the following steps:

  • Automatic information storage process on computer Hard-Disk and CD-ROM.
  • Data not viewed by us or others, archived and stored out of reach to all;
  • Data will not be disclosed to anyone without your written or verbal consent;
  • Data can/will be disclosed to lawful, competent authorities upon specific request;
  • Data can/will be used in case of legal contractual dispute between User and Palmieri S.N.C.
  • Legal venue is: Palmieri S.N.C. located in Via Togliatti No 48, 70043 - Monopoli, Bari, Italy;

For all company operations, Palmieri S.N.C. has appointed Mr. Giuseppe Palmieri executive in charge. By virtue of the 196/2003
law decree, Mr. Palmieri is electively domiciled at the company’s –Via Togliatti No 48, Monopoli address.

You are free to exercise your legal rights at any time per Art.7 of legislative decree 196/2003 of Italian Law.