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PALMIERI ITALY CURTAINS, plastic door curtains, chenille caravan door curtains, beaded door curtains, Italian fly curtains fabric. DOOR CURTAINS PRODUCTION. Door Curtains Made in Italy

Palmieri is a company specializing in the production of chenille and plastic curtains plus bulk curtain material for the wholesale trade. The essence of Palmieri Curtains is smart design and convenience with quality.

The versatility of our products makes doors and entryways of all kinds benefit from their use: balconies, verandas, gazebos, lanais, patios, porches, greenhouses, campers and RVs could be enhanced by our plastic , chenille or anti fly curtains making your doors and entryways elegant and in style with a functional aspect we never underestimate.


  • Filter and protect you from heat and insects, whether in your house, on the veranda or in your caravan;
  • Create a privacy partition for your home, store or restaurant booth;
  • Hide pantries, closets, cupboards and other unsightly;
  • Indoors, they are ideal for splitting a room, masking a corner or replacing a door;
  • Curtains in flexible and silent fibers provide stage theater and scenery backdrops;
  • Create special effect focus points for shows and trade fairs;
  • Add tasteful wall art to accentuate décor furnishing with functional and decorative applications for the more fanciful shapes;


  • Synthetic chenille, mono and bicolor, woven on our specially designed looms;
  • PVC beads curtains with plastic profile extrusions, mono and multicolored, with an inner core polyester thread for color, strength and stretch prevention;
  • Pendant acrylic beads: plastic oval beads, as indoor décor, with special colorations and fracture resistance;
  • Unique strips made of different materials, shape, width and thicknesses, clear crystal PVC profiles with an interior fusion of sparkling glitter flakes: exposed to light a “Led” appearance is created;
  • Technology, design and practical are merged to elevate the basic fly screen curtain into an element of decorative beauty;
  • The original concept of curtains in plastic to prevent the entry of insects while allowing free air flow, has been expanded into a valuable design factor;
  • The Glitter curtain, as an example, reaches far beyond the conventional: simulating breathtaking cascades of color, highlighting and focusing attention on a targeted display.

Door curtains in plastic strips flexible and colorful designed to last and withstand intensive use.
Profiles are plastic extrusion elements that when assembled together create and give form to the curtain.

Clear crystal appearing PVC Plastic, free toxic metals such as cadmium, lead and barium is extruded and hot pressed over polyester thread in a variety of shapes and colors producing strong, attractive and weather resistant cords.

The number of cords in a meter’s width of the curtain’s assembly, at customer choice, determines the density and cost of the item.

The available number of cords varies with material selection.
PVC Plastic Curtains: 85, 90, 98, 108, 118, 130, 140, 145, 160, 170, 198, 400.
Chenille Curtains: 40, 42.
Perla and Liberty Curtains: 90, 94, 98, 108, 113, 118, 130.

Profiles are patterned and colored to suit taste, application and the desired decorative effect. Available in a wide range of forms and shapes, there is almost no limit to choice: round oval, helical twist, teardrop, sea shell, flat ribbon and more.
Also functional and decorative applications for the more fanciful shapes. Door curtains in plastic strips are flexible and colorful, designed to last and withstand intensive use. They provide a unique concept for elegant interior decorations and functions. Anti fly curtains, plastic curtains, chenille curtains. Standard series production orders can be supplied upon request with customized colors and packaging. All Pamieri products are of the highest quality, environment friendly and do not contain recycled material.