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The PALMIERI S.N.C. company was established in 1991 as a manufacturer of PVC plastic extrusions (profiles) and woven synthetic chenille for special curtains, wall art, PVC beads curtains and other decorative and practical applications. The present company, a plastic and chenille curtain factory, follows in tradition and goals the quality and integrity achievements of the original paternal firm of PALMIERI ALESSANDRO, founded in the late 1940s.

The constant aim of PALMIERI S.N.C. is to improve their current line through flexibility in planning and introducing new production technologies to produce chenille and plastic for curtains. Innovative solutions are also provided for the evolving design trends. The company avails itself of reputable Italian suppliers with good references to maintain high quality standards through the process of production of PVC. Strict quality control is exercised each production process and to guarantee ultimate product satisfaction.

All curtain composing elements are designed and produced in house and with the many years of production experience, customer requirements are promptly satisfied.